Belles Cafe

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In House Conference Room

72 hours notice for bookings

Max 12 ppl

Please Contact Cindy

@ 604-542-0588

  • $40 per hour, min 4 hours, water station, and full room access, no service
  • $35 per hour, min 4 hours, water station, must purchase min $15 of food/beverages per person (at prearranged times) from Deli Counter, clearing service only, full room access
  • $25 per hour, min 4 hours, water station, must order from pre-set menu or buffet menu, full personal service for entire booking, 15% gratuity, full room access

(5 % discount for bookings longer than 6 hours)

Prices subject to change with out notice

Please contact Cindy for more information

DISCLAIMER: Must pre- book room with Credit Card, credit card will be charged room rental fee and 15% gratuity if booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice

Delivery Services and Pre set Menus

Good Mornings

Cinnamon Buns $3.00

Fruit Scones $3.00

Assorted Muffins $3.00

Assorted Loaves $3.00

Fruit Salad $4.00

Fruit Platter $4.00

Vanilla Yoghurt $3.00

Wrap (eggs, salsa, onions, cheddar) $7.50

Panini (eggs, bacon, onions, mayo) $8.35

Mini (eggs, swiss, ham, mayo, English muffin) $4.00

Breakfast Express $9.00

(Assorted baked goods, fruit salad or platter, yoghurt)

Mini Breakfast Express $10.00

(Mini, fruit salad or platter, yoghurt)

Hot Breakfast Express $14.00

(Wrap or panini, fruit salad or platter, yoghurt or baked good … make your own combo)

Happy Mid Days

Cool Lunches

Multigrain Sandwiches $7.50

(Turkey Havarti, Tuna, Egg, Chicken Salad)

Flour Tortilla Wraps $8.00

(Assorted meats, cheeses and salads)

Assorted Salads $5.50

(curry, thai, cous cous, kale slaw, house, spinach)

Hot Lunches

Paninis $8.35

(Ham&Brie, Chicken&Spinach, Turkey Club, Veggie)

Savouries (minimum 24 hrs notice) $8.35

(Meat Lasagna, Veg Lasagna, Shepherd’s Pie, Tuna Casserole, Mac&Cheese, Chicken Pot Pies)

Special Savouries (min 48hrs notice) $8.85

(Curry Chicken&Rice, Meatloaf, Spicy Italian Meatballs&Spaghetti, Sweet&Sour Meatballs w/Rice, Spanikopita, Assorted Quiche)

House made Pizza $5.00

Soup with Cheese scone $7.00

Turkey Chili with Cornbread $7.00

Dessert Squares $3.00

Cookies $1.75

Lunch Combinations

Express Lunch $15.00

(Sandwiches, wraps, salad - one, mixed squares and cookies)

Hot Express Lunch $16.00

(Paninis, wraps, salad - one, mixed squares and cookies)

Super Express Lunch $17.00

(Savoury – one, Salad – one, mixed squares and cookies)

All Prices are per person

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Options Available –

may be extra charges $$

Delivery Charges within 5 km - $10, over 5 km min $20

Prices may change without notice

Automatic 15% gratuity on all orders over $100

Frozen Meals

Meat Lasagna

Veggie Lasagna

Seafood Lasagna

Italian Meat Balls

Sweet and Sour Meat Balls

Meat Loaf

Shepherd’s Pie

Mac and Cheese

Tuna Casserole

Coconut Mango Curried Chicken

Turkey Chili

Chicken Pot Pies

Weekly Specials


Prices – Frozen Meals

Soup Small $5.50

Soup Med $7.00

Soup Lrg $10.00

Small 1 person $7.50

Med 2–4 ppl $15.95

Lrg 8–12 ppl $35.00

Pot Pies $25.00

Tortiere $29.95

Pesto $5.50

Dressings $5.50

Pasta $3.00

Prices – Dessert Etc

Mixed Baking $7.50

Cookie Bag $9.95

Tarts $13.50

Cakes $15.25

Pies $16.50

Loaves $16.50

Bread Pudding $15.25

Nuts & Bolts $8.95

GF Foccacia $2.50

GF Pizza Crust $7.50