Belles Cafe

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Cafe Menu

Good Mornings

Cinnamon Buns $3.00

Fruit Scones $3.00

Assorted Muffins $3.00

Assorted Loaves $3.00

Wrap (eggs, salsa, onions, cheddar) $7.50

Panini (eggs, bacon, onions, mayo) $8.35

Mini (eggs, swiss, ham, mayo, English muffin) $4.00

Happy Mid Days

Cool Lunches

Multigrain Sandwiches $7.50

(Turkey Havarti, Tuna, Egg, Chicken Salad)

Flour Tortilla Wraps $8.00

(Assorted meats, cheeses and salads)

Assorted Salads $5.50

(curry, thai, cous cous, kale slaw, house, spinach)

Hot Lunches

Paninis $8.35

(Ham&Brie, Chicken&Spinach, Turkey Club, Veggie)

Savouries $7.50

(Chicken Pot Pie, Spinach Pie, Mac and Cheese)

Soup with Cheese scone $7.00

Dessert Squares $3.00

Loaves $3.00

Cookies $1.75

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Options Available –

may be extra charges $$

Prices may change without notice